So Wicked!!


I was so stoked the moment I found out that Wicked was going to do another round of their amazing musical play here in the Philippines. At first, I already accepted my fate of me not being able to attend because I already saw it but as the days fast forward to when the show was about to close, it made more the reason for me to watch it (desperately). I just have to, you know. So, I just had to give in and beg my mom for approval. Of course, it was just phenomenal as it was before. It actually kinda gave me a wave of  nostalgia.

Throwback 3 years ago

With Love,

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  1. Ohmygosh, I'm so jealous that you got to witness this musical live!!! I've only watched videos of this on Youtube, I'm a fan!!! How was it?

    1. Wicked's my fave! The over-all performance is superb!!

  2. I've been to Wicked as well, it was so good! xo

    1. Lilia!! omg I'm fan girling asagdfsda!!! I love your blogs & vlogs! Big fan! Thanks for visiting my blog xx

  3. Sounds like a great musical!!

    X Merel


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