Sister Act


Surprise Surprise! Another musical theatre related post! Live acting performances just excites me. So okay, honestly, I never knew sister act was a thing until my mom told me about it. Apparently, it also has its own movie and I also never knew that. Before watching it, I had my expectations. I expect it to be as extra as Wicked but to my dismay it wasn't as grand. Don't get me wrong, it was amazing, the actors beautifully executed their roles, but I couldn't just level it with Wicked that's all. The story was quite flat at the beginning of the show, almost boring. Then, as it progressed overtime, it became okay. It was funny and definitely sparkly. It has a very nice story-line. The main character, Deloris Van Cartier, is a rising star (singer) who happens to witness a crime scene. Her boyfriend who also happens to be her manager killed a person. Deloris escaped from the crime scene and went to the police. For safety purposes, they hid her in a convent with the nuns while stuff at court is being settled and so the story goes. It's a really fun musical. If I would rate it out of 10 I'd prolly give it a 7.5 :)

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